The Social Media Campaign to raise awareness about Nazi and Fascist interference in Africa and the return of slavery



This article is an English version of a French one

M.A.N.A is for Movement Anti-Nazi for African

ob_3a576a9f31c753901481b8b6d9cd2e51_anti-fascisme-png M.A.N.A

The Movement Anti-Nazi for African (M.A.N.A) launches an extensive awareness campaign on the Nazi and fascist presence in Africa in this very sensitive phase of generational change in the political management of the continent.


M.A.N.A. is focus and raises the concern relative to the presence, spread and proliferation of Nazis in Africa and by doing so came to the terrifying truth and revelation that the phenomenon is not new but instead has its roots in the depths of Africa story since around 1435 and this presence has managed to confuse itself and bend to the African manifestation of everyday life.

For the sacrifice to not be in vain


The Awareness Campaign M.A.N.An on the Nazi presence in Africa will start Wednesday, January 18, 2017, to conclude on Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Every Wednesday between 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm on Youtube Life and Facebook Life; who wish to intervene can register by contacting us on our Skype: kinkelawazulu or you can send your questions, reflections, and comments on our Facebook page.

  • French talk from 7 pm to 8 pm
  • English talk from 8 pm to 9 pm

To become an M.A.N.An activist and Nazism and Fascist conscious fighter please we register t by visiting our website:

       images  Support us 

Unmasking and fighting the Nazi and fascist presence in Africa is a duty and the most beautiful gift we have to give to the future generations of black men and women of Africa; This is why so we ask you to support our vision and political mission small contributions to help run our awareness activities.

For your donations visited our website in the donations section




First part

  1. Presentation and Reflections on the Nazi and fascist presence in Africa since the Arab and Western slavery.
  2. The relation between the slave’s masters of the ancient epochs and Nazism as well as fascism of today in Africa and across the world.
  3. Arab Presence and slavery in Africa: Motivations, Reasons, Realities, Lies and Conclusions
  4. Occidental presence and slavery in Africa: Motivations, Reasons, Reality, Lies and Conclusions
  5. Asian presence in Africa: reasons, reasons, realities, and conclusions.
  6. African presence in the Arab world, in the West, in Asia: motivations, realities, lies and conclusions.
  7. Relationship between Nazi proliferation and dissemination in Africa and the return to world slavery
  8. Where are the blacks finished?
  9. What would Africa be like if Hitler had won the Second World War?
  10. The relationship between Nazism and African governmental and military organizations.
  11. Reflection on the African Union and the international Nazi networks.
  12. Did Africans lose their continent?
  13. And if the Africans became the gypsies of tomorrow; a whole race without its own continent
  14. Is Africa an Open Concentration Centre?

Second part

  • The real challenges of the blacks in the world
  • A re-dignified Africa
  • Africa finally free and independent; a bet to take
  • The M.A.N.A as an alternative to propose a political philosophy that puts people at the center of interests.
  • Achieving a powerful Africa capable of defending itself, asserting its ideological identity and capable of inaugurating a progressive and stable cultural notion.


Please send us your questions about the following email address:



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