M.A.N.A., the Movement Anti-Nazis in Africa, is driving a very interesting campaign based on his fighting vital point, which is the awareness of the Nazism and fascism presence, interest, and implications in Africa for over 2000 years.

We have to consider that the African people have been under oppression since the Arab invasion of the north Africa and this happened around -647; since then, we had never known any sort of freedom and liberty since today;  but an illusion of freedom has been given by the fake independence and bird sense of vital space life.

bird-cage2 The bird vital space of life: The bird, born in a cage, believes that to be free is equivalent to being inside his cage. This bird doesn’t know any other form of freedom. Furthermore, the world outside of the cage is simply not conceivable to it and the bird is simply not able to imagine a life out of the cage.

Many different generations of African people have been educated by the fascist establishment and this was necessary to render this establishment invisible, therefore able to infiltrate the African identity and essence and able to operate in plain sight.

This so-called education has been implemented to transform the African identity and essence into a product of use, only able to serve and benefit the fascist agenda, where the real information and knowledge has been hidden so that the African can only become secondary and respect the racial discrimination agenda.

shutterstock_100602892-2One question I am often asked is what is the situation for Africa and African people today. To this question, the answer is a negative one, and there is nothing to do to help the African identity as it is today.

 This is because the African identity of today is a result, a product of the fascist agenda. Through research in recent and old stories,

it has become clear that other continents have a fascist interest over Africa.

Through time, the White supremacy has designed the African identity and has put in place an action plan to create the situation we see today. As a result, my opinion is that the African situation doesn’t have a way out; there is no solution in this direction if we have to maintain the current African Identity.

Nevertheless, if we want to come to a solution, if we want to stop being a finished product for other people to use, we have to change ourselves, change the African identity and only after that we can start thinking about finding a solution for Africa.

To change the destination of Africa, African people have to change. We need to realize that in the current situation just the way we are, we cannot achieve anything and if we were to try under the current circumstances we will have very little results.

mana-lobokoThis is why M.A.N.A is opening an Academy where we are going to work on us as African in search of what we are and to find out what we have lost and forgotten about us.

In this video, Kinkela Wa Ma Zulu in this first Anti-Nazi campaign interview introduces a new understanding and overall a new and different direction that will transform the African identity of today into a new one. From a product at the disposition of other people’s need, we have to become the solution and foundation for the next generations of African people.

Video in English

Video in French

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